Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Hawaii 411 (April)

Apr 1: just got all the information i need to get my name off the lease. i just got to have Kelia sign it. Other than that i feel extremely depressed for some reason. i just want to leave this place so bad.
Apr 4: Jake texted some of the roommates early in the morning asking us for food. so, like a decent human being i told him that i would meet up with him after my brunch shift to help him out. after i texted him that i started getting ready for work and then i overheard Chris saying that he couldn't believe that Jake was texting him and that he wasn't going to help him out and all this stuff... After work i met up with him and bought him some food and then gave him $20 for the next couple of days cause i didn't know when the next time i would see him would be.
Apr 7: This day was ULLLTRRRAAA shitty. It was the second day that I broke down. and even worse, i broke down in front of Jesie... It was a little embarrassing but in reality, i'm really glad that i met him cause yea, he is a homie, but more that that, he is someone that will actually listen to me. I know that kind of sounds weird, but thats honestly something i don't have right now which is why im so grateful. But with out further adieu, i present the texts that made me cry like a little bitch.

Apr 19: Katie left the house without telling anyone. It was funny cause everyone still in the house was like "OMG WHATTTT??? I DIDNT SEE IT COMING!!!" and i'm sitting there like "really bitch... all the shit that you constantly talk about her and the rude texts you always send her and you not paying the electricity on time weren't clues... really...???" Anyways, this marks the THIRD time someone left who had their name under the electricity and Wi-Fi. The upcoming days should be pretty interesting.
Apr 20: 4/20 BLAZZZEEEEEE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT...i worked all day... but it wasn't all bad cause the cook i don't enjoy working with is on vacation so I get to work with Jonnie who is rad.
Apr 21: Worked again, but today Jonnie (who has been there for like, 7 years) stuck up for me at work and said that I was holding my own and that i was a good cook. So let it be known that today marks the first day since ive gotten here where i actually had some self esteem. :)
Apr 22: first day off in 7 days... so i treated myself to Thai food with Kalia. we just talked shit about everyone. it was nice. found out that shes not gonna stay till the lease is up, (which i don't blame her) so now im gonna have to find someone else to sign the lease... came back home and found out that we have no electricity and that Katie took the deposit ($200) and ran. Like, unreal hahaha. But whatever, i don't blame her either hahahahaha. Cruised around with Jesie for a bit. We went to the Windward Mall and i bought Soul Sacrifice (which ended up being Shinobido 2??? like someone literally took the sticker off of the actual cartridge and switched them to make it look like Soul Sacrifice... WTF???) after that i took Jesie to the airport cause his sis flew back to Maui so he's gonna be there for like, 2 weeks. Now i don't really have an excuse to leave the house and not deal with stupid roommate drama. But i guess everything is fine tho cause even after all those really mean, malicious, and degrading texts, im cool with all my roommates??? cause i swallowed my pride and said im sorry for shit that is irrelevant??? so after that everything is cool??? idk dude... whatever ROFL.
Apr 23: Went back to the Windward Mall to return Soul Sacrifice. On my way over there i saw Jake coming out of jail. he said that he was in there cause he was hungry and stole food. He used my phone to call Katie and update her on his situation and then called his mom back at home. so i'm assuming he's making plans to go back home if he is in contact with his parents. idk. came home to Kelia telling me that Chris got a dog. sooooooo that's coooollllll?????? i'm gonna do laundry, smoke hookah, and get dressed cause i'm gonna go to Lucky Belly and have some drinks and try to enjoy my my day off...
Arp 26: Worked a 12 1/2 hour shift... Apr 27: Worked a night shift and walked into my room to find Kelia passed out, completely butt naked on my bed, with a guy trying to wake her up and tell her to put clothes on and get off of my bed. Needless to say, i had no idea what to do in this situation, so i just went to the bathroom and acted like i was peeing, and then went back in my room and talked to Kelia. She was pretty blacked out and started to cry about how that guy was a huge asshole and how she hated him. At this point all i wanted to do was sleep, but once again i had to play damage control... after about 30 minutes of talking to her, she went to sleep (this time WITH clothes on and in HER bed) which meant that i could go t0 sleep as well...
Apr 28: After being woken up at 7am by the fucking demon dog that lives in our house now, i thought it would be smart to wash my sheets after what happened last night. i washed my sheets and went back to the laundry room to dry them, but end up realizing that i lost my laundry card. So i went to the main office to buy another one ($5 for the card, and then you still had to put money on it) only to find out that they dont have anymore cards and that it would take the people who deal with with laundry machines a day to come back and refill the card machine. So long story short, i hung my sheets up and went to work and prayed that they would be dry by the time i got back. Luckily they were.
Apr 29: i wake up to that dumb ass demon dog running into my room, jumping on my bed, peeing, and then running away. Un-fucking-real... So now i have to go and WASH MY FUCKING CLEAN SHEETS AGAIN...
Apr 30: Today is Kelia's birthday and the first day i had off in a while. I asked if anyone else in the house got her anything and no one did because (they dont have any money." Which is kind of hypocritical considering that they still go out EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. but whatever i digress. I ended up buying her Ketel One Vodka and Redbull and i made her Funfetti cupcakes. Later, when Kelia got off of work, we went out and got drinks with some of the roommates that apparently didnt have money. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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