Monday, February 2, 2015

The Hawaii 411 (February)

Feb 1: I got toilet paper for myself [cause someone (I think it's Joel) uses an unreasonable amount every day] and a tooth brush cause mine had mold growing on it.
Feb 2: Katie and Jake are fighting and yelling again. Katie is crying. Great way to enjoy my day off. (This went on for about 2+ hours btw) There has been the same dirty dishes in the sink for the past 3 days, so I've been Snapchatting it and I think my roomies finally saw my Snapchat so Marsiz put up a sign that said, "If you used it, you clean it. Anything still there by Wednesday I am tossing." I'm not to sure what that means, but if they're still by Tuesday, I'm gonna do the dishes because most of items in the sink are things that I bought and I don't want my shit to get thrown away. A little bit after that, Topher came over to pick up some stuff and to "talk" to Manciz about her not letting Topher stay over here with his BF, even though we have an extra room because Katie and Topher hate each other or something. Ended up listening to another hour argument. Needless to say, i thoroughly enjoyed my day off.
Feb 3: Reapplied to Holland America/Princess rail division as a cook.
Feb 4: Already got a reply back from them saying that they're excited that I reapplied. Hoping this falls through cause then I have a concrete reason to leave this island and start making some money (and get a free cruise...)
Some time between Feb 5-7: Manciz fell off her moped while driving home drunk (surprise surprise) and had to go to the hospital. #nosympathy #sorryimnotsorry
Feb 7: Interesting...
Feb 10: Interesting... Joel moved out to go back to Murrieta, CA (I'm jealous of him escaping) and the new roommate moved in. I believe her name is Kelia? not sure, I'm horrible with names.
Feb 11: A couple of co-workers invited me to go on a couple hikes around the island. We first hit up Friendship Gardens which was a short hike, but a nice one to warm up with. Next one was Pillbox which was a little more intense. After, Ray (the broiler dude) drove around for a little bit giving us a tour of where he used to go to party (He’eia pier) and other places around Kaneohe. Then took us to the blowhole on the east side right by Sandy Beach. After, i came home and drank some beers and smoked hookah which was prob the best way to finish off the day. It was super awesome and these kinds of days made me think twice about leaving this place, but then again, i know that i need to get out of here haha.
Feb 12: Had a big day planned. Was gonna hit up the Pali Lookout, go to Kailua, eat dinner at my work cause i have a free $25 dinner that I got for my birthday, but instead i opted to fester at home and be lazy. Ended up getting a platinum for The Wolf Among Us and smoking hookah and drinking beers. Also not a bad day.
Chinese New Year was dope.