Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pointless Interlude 7

oh my god, group projects are going to be the death of me...
i feel like i've been living under a rock when it comes to new music.
i got a little breathing room now until finals so i tried catching up to what i've been missing out on.

i truly think that it is impossible for The Field to produce a bad song.
his newest album is amazing.
i was having a hard time deciding what song i wanted to post, because they are all equally amazing.
but, i'm a sucker for vocal samples so i chose "Burned Out". enjoy

Four Tet's new FABRICLIVE 59 mix is pretty good, not gonna lie.
Kieran chose a good mix of dark, moody, melancholy beats with some fun, more upbeat, dancie songs.
"This mix is not about my DJing. It's about London and fabric and nights out and my take on all that. The memories and the influences. I used old and new music, I used recordings of fabric, and I made new tracks of my own for it. I hope people play it fucking loud and lose their minds in it and remember or imagine what it's all about." - Four Tet
i'd say definitely check this album out, it's worth it.

ok tbh, i never gave Lone's "Emerald Fantasy Tracks" a chance because it wasn't like his old masterpiece of an album "Lemurian".
it wasn't the chillout beats that i've came to love from Lone, it was more up beat dance tracks (which pissed me off)
so, when i found out that Lone came out with a new EP, i said "fuck it" and gave it a listen.
i finally got it and gave it a listen and it's actually not half bad.
the first two songs are from his old album "Emerald Fantasy Tracks" and the third one is from his new EP "Echolocations".

haven't heard from Lukid in a while.
I haven't really sat down and get it a really good listen, but after about 1 or 2, it's alright.
if you're a big fan, then go ahead and pick this one up.

also found out that there was a new Zomby.
the album is ok. some bangers, some chillers.
i'm stoked that he went back to the drum samples and air horn that he used for "Where Were U in '92?".