Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Hawaii 411 (January 2015)

Jan 16th-23rd: Terra and Gogo (in Heidi's voice) came to visit me. We ate at The Pig & The Lady on the 16th, then went to the beach. 17th I believe that we hiked Diamond Head and then ate Marukame Udon and then saw Nick Swardson at The Republik. The next couple of days were a blur, but on the 20th for my birthday, we hiked Dead Man's Cat Walk, did a booze cruise, and chilled. They drank more than me which I thought was funny.
Jan 22: the Brittany's friends showed up. We didn't see much of them the whole time cause they were partying and shit, whatever I don't fucking care.
Jan 28thish: Jenna (1 of the 2 people that I got along with in the house) left to go back to the east coast.
Jan 30: I had a brunch shift and got off at 5:00. I was urged to go to Kabture's going away party (which I really regret not doing) but I went home instead. I come home to no electricity or Wi-Fi, so my life seemed pretty irrelevant, so I decided to get some pizza and beers at JJ Dolands. Of course I opt to take the more sketchy, but more comical side streets which are comical because of how many prostitutes are on the street (I counted 3 on my little 1/4 mile walk). It ended up being less comical as I wanted it to be because on the way there I was jumped by 2 local kids who didn't look over 20. I was listening to the You Made It Weird episode with Bo Burnam as the guest and then the next thing I know, my head jolts forward and the back of my head has instant pain. I'm still not 100% sure what happened, but I'm assuming that one of them hit me in the back of my head with his skateboard while the other just stood there. I was instantly confused and trying to asses the situation and I saw a phone on the ground that one of the kids picked up and I was yelling at him saying "IS THAT MY PHONE, GIVE ME MY FUCKING PHONE" but I had my phone in my pocket the whole time, so I was a little delirious i think? Not more than 5 seconds later (thank the Lord Jesus Christ) there was a cop that pulled up and scared them away. The lady cop was asking if I was ok and if I wanted her to call the ambulance for me. And the only thing I said to her was "I'm fine, I'm fine... All I want is fucking pizza and beer..." She looked a little confused and I think I was too hahaha but whatever. I met up with Steve (he looks exactly how I picture Tyler Durdan from Fight Club to look like) at JJ's and he said that the Brittany's ordered pizza and that I should just come back to the house. Sure. Go back home, no one really cares that I MIGHT HAVE FUCKING DIED cause they were all too bummed that their friends were leaving that night. So I locked myself in my room with my hookah and started breaking down for the first time in forever. Wrote to my friends which turned out to make things worse because of how supportive and understanding, and idk, fucking amazing they are and since then, i decided to get the balls rolling on how the fuck I'm gonna get off this piece of shit island.
Jan 31: Heidi (2 of the 2 people that i got along with in the house) left to visit her family because of an emergency so I am now left with absolutely no one.

On a lighter note, I am currently obsessed with this song.
Gui Boratto - Too Late