Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Hawaii 411 (March)

Mar 3-4: Work was lame cause the person i was working with was on one, so he made my life difficult.
Mar 5: 1:00 am. i broke my fucking phone. G fucking G
Mar 8: Phone is still fucked up. Gonna try and fix it when I go over to Jesie's (aka literally my only friend i have right now) house. In the meantime, today is the day that we're kicking Jake out of the house because he is still apparently doing meth and inviting some sketchy cats over that live off of skid row. So we have been locking our doors and all that shit just so shit doesn't get stolen. Rad, hu?
Mar 9: So apparently Marciz and Manciz kicked Katie out yesterday a long with Jake which I thought was dumb cause she had nothing to do with Jake. Idk this whole situation is fucked up cause Katie came to Manciz for help cause Jake was threatening to kill himself like, a week ago, and Manciz helped Jake out, but then told Katie to stop bringing her into their drama. So now Katie doesn't want to bother us with what's going on. Idk its a vicious cycle that I don't want to deal with...
Mar 15: Jake came in to the house and was prob on meth still. He came in saying that it was freezing and (to Katie) that she ruined his life and it's her fault why he smells so bad. And then he proceeded to break Katie's door... And we're gonna have to pay for that... Awesome... It's almost 4 and Jake came back cause he needed a phone charger. i gave it to him and then Katie came out and then they started arguing. Then Jake said he wanted to smoke a shit ton of meth and kill himself... I just want to go home, i don't want to deal with this shit anymore...
Mar 16: Jake came back to talk. he was breaking my heart cause he said he was scared and he's trapped so i offered to buy him a plan ticket back to Texas. He agreed and i told him to come back tomorrow at 10am. After my shift i went to Safeway and dropped $30 for breakfast for him tomorrow cause i know he hasn't had a legit meal in a while.
Mar 17: he didn't show up. i don't know what to say...
Mar 25-31: Mom came to visit again which proved again to be both a relief and also very stressful. It was nice to see her, but idk, I don't want to say anything bad cause she'll probably eventually read this. Anyways, on the 26th, Chef Steve-o gratiously let me cook a surprise meal for my mom for her birthday. I forgot to take pics of them, but my mom has them so i'll have to ask her for them later.
Mar 30: Got home from work and had to respond to this. I'm just gonna leave this here with no description because i feel like i covered everything pretty well.

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