Saturday, June 23, 2012

Italy Trip: Day 6

(Saturday 23, 2012) When I heard that we were going to go on a bike ride, I wasn’t the happiest person considering that I barely got any sleep the night before. But as the day went on, I started to enjoy the setting and the scenery more and more. I don’t really mind riding bikes, but the last week was packed with activities that I was mentally and physically drained. When I woke up, a bike ride was the last thing on my mind, but I knew that it would be fun considering that every place that we have been so far has turned out to be a good time. During the tour, I hung out in the back to enjoy the scenery and solitude, which was much needed after being stuck with people everyday so far. Now that I think about it, this is probably why I liked the bike tour so much… My favorite part of this tour was DEFINITELY when we all rode through the random forest in the city. Like I said before, I have this weird obsession with nature and super dense greenery, so when I saw us turning into this extremely lush forest in the middle of the city, my stomach dropped and I was left breathless. I just couldn’t believe how huge the forest was and how it was what seemed to be directly in the middle of the city… When we first entered it, I think that I was somewhere in the middle of the group, but when we left, I was one of the last ones because I was trying to soak up how awesome this place was. I was ok with being in the back because me, Ankoosh, and Alvina were supervising Mary Anne (I think that was her name) because it was her first time riding a bike. She was doing really well for her first time even though she was really self-conscience. She kept apologizing for going to slow so I told her, “Who cares? You’re learning how to ride a bike in probably the most beautiful part of Italy that we have visited so far…” I think she finally understood and was a little more relaxed and appreciative of the situation. I just wanted to write really quickly about how stoked I was for her. While the bike ride was almost over, we were lucky enough to stop by Ristorante Lorenzo, which we have been hearing so much about the whole time we have been in Forte Dei Marmi. Apparently they have the best seafood in all of Italy but we didn’t get to get because it was a little out of our price range. (On average €100 for each plate…) We later got lunch at the same place we did when we first got to Forte Dei Marmi (I still hate myself for not remembering it) but it was just as good as the first time we ate there. After that we got back and I was extremely exhausted so I decided to take a nap totally oblivious to the air show that Umberto told us about earlier that day. I regret not watching this after I heard Kristen talking about how amazing it was, but at the same time, I was extremely exhausted after this long, productive day.

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