Friday, April 15, 2011

Songs That Give Me Boners / Pointless Interlude(s) 4

sorry i haven't posted anything in forever... again. in return for your patience, i reward you with multiple SONGS THAT GIVE ME BONERS! cause i know that all 4 of my followers can't sleep at night without my posts.

...i have a thing for azn chicks...

french accents = amazing.

this song is enough to give anyone a boner, but the chick in this is really beautiful imo.

this video isn't really as attractive as i feel the baseline and Billy Holiday's voice is. hahaha super trippy and sick tho.

this guy is all i would listen to when i was back in high school. video is bit confusing but its ok cause the song is amazing.

like i said before... i have a thing for azn chicks.

the only way i can describe this is it feels like a sensual massage for my ears.

same thing as above. dope dope dope.


  1. Chick in Anchor Steam is hot, and song is amazing. And most of these songs make me think a lot about life. I don't know why, but gets me in this weird mood, but they are definitely good.

  2. when i listen to these songs i instantly fart, its weird.